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Share and Earn.
Pinmo Token Sale has successfully ended.
We will be listing on various of exchanges, please visit them to learn more.

What is Pinmo?

Intelligent social marketing platform secured by blockchain
Pinmo combines an intelligent marketing platform with motivated social sharing to help businesses drive both higher volumes and more authentic brand engagement across multiple social media sites. The Best Part? It's all validated by blockchain technology and IBM's Watson.

Our CEO Sccot Meng's speech about Pinmo on 2018 Blockchain Partner Summit, Seoul

Find Out How PINMO Works

About Us

Business Perspective

Pinmo is a sharing platform that connects businesses and marketers with users on various social media platforms like Facebook and WeChat. Pinmo aims to eliminate all “middlemen” in the advertising industry and allow businesses and marketers to directly connect with users on social media who are both potential customers and advocates for their brands. Find out more about how Pinmo helps businesses here .

Blockchain technology

With blockchain technology, Pinmo will provide advertisers with a clear record of all traffic data and budget spending on the chain. Users will be able to earn tokens, which are provided by advertisers and distributed with Pinmo AI, through sharing brand related contents onto their own social networks such as WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and more.

Marketing on WeChat with Pinmo Marketing on Facebook with Pinmo Marketing on Instagram with Pinmo Marketing on telegram with Pinmo

Pinmo – A revolution in Online Advertising

Pinmo marketing solution to online advertising

Current Digital Advertising Landscape

-Unpredictable monthly budgets

-Varying results from similar content

-Fraudulent marketing results (bots, clicks, fake accounts)

-Unverified engagements within a single marketing platform

-Limited transparency on advertising and marketing spend

Pinmo as an effective social media marketing


-Guaranteed fraud protection

-Two-Factor verified users

-Direct to consumer market system

-Complete transparency in advertising spend

-Blockchain verified actions and engagements

How PINMO Can Help

Pinmo is a unique marketing system that considers both a variety of opportunities to display contents across multiple social media platforms and the needs of social media users and customers. The Pinmo marketing solution monetizes the sharing of organic content—incentivizing users and customers to share and interact on their social networks. Pinmo brings together intelligently optimized ads for social sharing, underpinned with the security and validation of blockchain technology.

Specialized content creation to increase campaign engagement on social media

What type of content will drive deeper engagement?

Our team guides businesses through the campaign creation on the Pinmo platform. Check out some of the campaigns our clients ran in the past using Pinmo.

Incentivised social sharing to improve campaign performance on social media

How do we make the act of sharing easy and desired?

The Pinmo platform makes social sharing quick and easy through behaviourally optimized UI, and incentives the users with desired rewards for sharing.

Fully transparent reporting metrics for marketing campaigns

How do we validate our measuring metrics?

The security of blockchain means our campaign metrics are genuine — and can be successfully used to substantiate an increase in marketing budget.

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The Pinmo Token And You

The basis for the Pinmo token is to give users the option of saving their earned money through a cryptocurrency that can be traded on the market, saved on a secure hard wallet, or sold on an exchange. The same token can also be used to purchase products from businesses directly on Pinmo’s own Merchant Market Place.



  • 2014
    March 2014
    Pinmo started as digital marketing solution.
  • 2017
    September 2017
    Pinmo platform's first beta version was released.
  • December 2017
    Pinmo's mobile application was released; the application generated more than 10,000 users in a month.
  • 2018
    March 2018
    Pinmo finish integrates with Facebook and Linkedin
  • April 2018
    RESTful APIs for the Pinmo enterprise solution to be able to integrate into different web/mobile applications.
  • May 2018
    First day of Pre ICO starts at May 1st 2018(token sale 50% discount).
  • May 2018
    PinCharge arrives in May 2018 and will be placed in more than 1,000 retails in North America.
  • June 2018
    Pinmo's June 1st, Public ICO(market cap at 11.2 million)
  • August 2018
    Pinmo Coin Airdrop and listed on changes.
  • December 2018
    Expected to reach close to 1 million users by December 2018.
  • 2019
    February 2019
    Expanding into US. Focus on closing 10 million B2B deals with Pinmo Enterprise.
  • September 2019
    Expanding into China.


1. What is utility of Pinmo?

Pinmo is a decentralized social media marketing network that allows advertisers to deliver advertising contents, links, or other materials directly to users on their social networks, and whose payment policy is based on the achieved performance.

2. When is your Pre-sale?

Pre sale: Toward 10th October

3. Where can I buy Pinmo token?

We will make an official announcement about the process details before 10th October.

4. How to participant in Public sale?

Please register on Pinmo official website. We will send details directly to your email before 10th October.

5. When is Pinmo planning to be listed on crypto exchanges?

Pinmo is planned on several major exchanges. Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to comment or list their names or the exact dates for which the listings are planned. Please join our official Telegram group as Pinmo community will be first to know.

6. How many Pinmo tokens have been issued?

The total amount of Pinmo tokens are 273,000,000.





    JULY 21, 2018
    In most of today’s social media advertising landscape, a large percentage of advertiser spending is simply lost to clicks from bots and fake social network accounts....
    AUG 2, 2018
    动态 | 质子链与帮推客和Pinmo达成战略合作Proton质子链(PTT)与基于人工智能的内容分发平台帮推客和多中心化社交分享平台Pinmo达成产品级战略合作。本合作旨在将其影响力积分与PTT进行打通...
    JULY 29, 2018
    在许多领域,由于信息不对称,或是渠道有限,“中介”成为一种必要的存在。它能够有效对接各方,为各种需求匹配相应的服务。 但是,当“中介”开始掌握大量信息资源,甚至有时依靠作假来满足各方需...
    SEP 10, 2018
    数字广告行业乱象丛生,流量虚假、投放不精准、广告费浪费等问题始终低效且无解。 这不仅仅让广告主感到无奈, 对于用户来说,广告虚假问题也常常令人难辨真相...
    JULY 30, 2018
    7月21-22日,由BABI财经主办、Chainner协办的Blockchain PartnersSummit(BPS)2018大会在首尔召开。本次峰会被称为“东半球共识大会”,峰会以“全新模式,引领未来”为主题,从与会者需求的角度出发...
    SEP 03, 2018